Upcoming Meetings/Events/Reminders

President Matthew Harrison on the Coronavirus Pandemic

Rev Matt Harrison
on Preaching on Issues Etc.

Why go to Church? A wonderful discussion on Issues etc with Dr Norman Nagel of Concordia St Louis

President Harrison’s Sermon at the
National Youth Gathering

Deuteronomy Bible Study
at 10 AM on Wednesdays

Video on witnessing/defending the faith, click the link to listen

Great Video which considers the effects of bad theology on a poor soul on youtube (Click the underlined text)

Great presentation on people broken by the church

A Recent video presentation by Pres. Matthew Harrison on Lutheranism

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

A wonderful presentation by Pres. Matthew Harrison on the Courage to be Lutheran, click below

Courage To Be Lutheran -- Christ Have Mercy from It's Time on Vimeo.

Great Presentation by Pres. Matt Harrison to the LCEF. Click here to watch it

LCMS President Harrison signs a letter supporting traditional marriage,
details here

Great presentation on preaching on Issues Etc
click here

Witness, Mercy and Life blog with messages from the leaders of the LCMS are
available here

David Jay Webber's Lutheran Theology Web Site. A great website if you want to get your hands on lots of solid information concerning what the Lutheran Church teaches from many different teachers throughout the ages. (From the Reformation up unto our own day). Check it out!

Another new link
Confessional is available in the link section and here, (click on the link), to find many newer and also a lot of older material from Lutheran authors throughout the ages.

For a more complete view of the activities which regularly go on at St Paul, please go
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